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The Nightstalkers Brotherhood Motorcycle Association is a Non Profit Military / Veteran Motorcycle Association consisting of active duty and prior service veterans who have served with the 160th Special Operations  Aviation Regiment.  

We are a Brotherhood of those who enjoy two wheel therapy , spending time with those who have served in our small community, as well as supporting other Veteran motorcycle groups, Military Charities and The Night Stalker Association .

If you would like to donate and support our cause, or are a member who can not make it to events but would still like to support them , click the donate button below as all proceeds go to great organizations who support our Military and Veterans .


If you are wanting to become a member of the Nightstalkers Brotherhood please see the How to Join area. Once approved you will have access to the members area of the site and the ability to use the app portion .

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In order to become a member you must have served in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment or be sponsored by someone who did. There is a membership fee of $160 and annual dues each year after you become an approved member.If you are becoming a Aux Member or Sponsoring someone, there is an additional $15 for the Aux patch, also if you need a Name Tape that is an additional $8, the Ft.Campbell patch is included no cost  If you are a member of the NSA you will still have the fee as we are separate from the NSA and function to support them and are not an affiliate.  There is an application that must be filled out ( download below ) As well as a DD-214 submission showing Unit Affiliation for yourself or Sponsor. There are basic bylaws that can be seen below the application.

 Please email all applications to




Upcoming Events

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A few photos/videos of events - rides - and members